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1:11 Time To Go See You (2021)

Bokura no Micro na Shuumatsu (2023)

Other name: 僕らのミクロな終末 ぼくらのミクロなしゅうまつ The End of the World With You Our Micro End


In 10 days, the world will be destroyed by a meteor. To spend his remaining time as comfortably as possible, bad-luck magnet Masumi decides to visit the library of his alma mater and read as much as he wants until the end comes. But in this hellish world, he meets a devil there: the one man from his past that he never wanted to see again, Ritsu. And if things weren't bad enough, Ritsu has a favor to ask, a favor that Masumi could never have expected—Marukido Maki weaves an eccentric tale of human connection in a world on the brink of destruction in this emotional journey that will take its readers on a wild ride.Adapted from the manga "Bokura no Micro na Shuumatsu" (僕らのミクロな終末) by Marukido Maki (丸木戸マキ).

Country: Japanese

Status: completed

Released: 1970

Genre: BL Drama Manga Romance

Bokura no Micro na Shuumatsu (2023) trailer:
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