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1:11 Time To Go See You (2021)

Kimi to Yukite Saku: Shinsengumi Seishunroku (2024)

Other name: 君とゆきて咲く~新選組青春録~


`Shinsengumi'' is a story about the fictional young Shinsengumi soldiers Fukakusa Kyujuro and Kamagiri Daisaku. After his father is killed, Okajuro joins the Shinsengumi to improve his sword skills and avenge his death. At the entrance exam, I met Daisaku, a promising newcomer with excellent sword skills. Although the two develop a passionate friendship, they are at the mercy of the times and are destined to have to kill each other...(Source: Japanese = natalie.mu)Adapted from the manga "Shinsengumi" (新選組) by Tezuka Osamu (手塚治虫).

Country: Japanese

Status: ongoing

Released: 2024

Genre: Friendship Historical Manga

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