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1:11 Time To Go See You (2021)

Koi Nante, Honki de Yatte Do Suru no? (2022)

Other name: 恋なんて、本気でやってどうするの? 恋マジ KoiMaji What Do You Really Do About Love?


Sakurazawa Jun is 27 years old and excels in her job, is fashionable, has many hobbies and lives a very fulfilled life. Her life is driven by her primary motto "love is just a waste of time!" and she has no experience in romantic relationships or with men. Before her appears Nagamine Shuma, an incredibly handsome chef in training who knows exactly what women want to hear and feel. He's someone who lives in the moment, lets people come and go, is cool and not serious about love. For some reason, Shuma is intrigued by Jun and decides to approach her...

Country: Japanese

Status: completed

Released: 2022

Genre: Miniseries Romance

Koi Nante, Honki de Yatte Do Suru no? (2022) trailer:
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