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1:11 Time To Go See You (2021)

Romantic (2023)

Other name: 反击罗曼史 反擊羅曼史 Fan Ji Luo Man Shi Fa Counterattack Romance Love Strikes Back


Lin Yan suffered the betrayal of her fiancé Ma Cheng Jun and her best friend Wen Li Li, and accidentally fell into a vegetative state soon after. When she wokes up from it, Lin Yan, who has no real power, pretends to have amnesia in order to take revenge. She signs a contract with Xiao Mo, a bodyguard who has been silently guarding her, agreeing to jointly complete the plan to retake the company, she was stolen from by her ex-lover, but a series of emotional entanglements unexpectedly occur, and Lin Yan's frozen heart is gradually melted by Xiao Mo.(Source: Chinese = Douban)

Country: Chinese

Status: completed

Released: 1970

Genre: Amnesia Betrayal Contract Relationship Drama Revenge Romance Web Series

Romantic (2023) trailer:
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